General Conditions

We'll tell you the practical details you should consider when planning your experience. So that you can enjoy it your way.

Days of the week and hours for visits:

The indicated visits can be done every day of the week, although it is necessary to consult each resource when scheduling the trip, to check schedules and possible closures due to holidays or low season.


Materials and equipment provided by the operator, intermediary or local producers of olive tourism and activities:

The producers provide space, extra virgin olive oils, and elements for tasting.

Materials and equipment to be provided by the client, if applicable:

Comfortable shoes and clothing for visits. No special equipment or preparation is required.

Description of included and non-included components and services:

  • Own transportation at the client’s expense. The client arrives at the destination and travels to the resources in their own vehicle.
  • One night’s accommodation at the establishment and type of room the client requests.
  • Lunch at the suggested or chosen restaurant from the proposed options.
  • Visits indicated in the packages.
  • The price may vary depending on the options chosen.

Active and passive safety measures:

The listed establishments and companies have the legally established safety measures, as well as the required sanitary and biosecurity measures. Clients will be informed upon arrival at each establishment, as well as any other special recommendations based on the chosen activities and options (for example, field visits in the olive groves, hiking, horseback riding routes, and other nature tours).


The establishments and resources visited, as well as the transport companies and activities optionally contracted, if applicable, have the legally required insurance. If the service is contracted through tour operators/travel agencies, additional travel insurance can be requested on demand, also depending on the chosen activity (for example, active tourism/adventure sports).